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A new addition to the Star*Fish Replica family!

We here at Star*Fish Replicas are happy to introduce our Coastal Classic line of fish replicas. This large assortment of molds was crafted by taxidermy artisans from Texas and the Gulf region over the years. Included in this collection are many common sport fish, both freshwater and saltwater found in waters around the world, as well as rare and hard-to-find fish species and sizes.

Coastal Classic Fish Replicas can be identified in this catalog by the letters “-CC” following the mold number

Example: African Pompano = AP54R-CC

Replicas produced the Star*Fish way!

That’s right; these replicas are cast using our tried and true methods

  • Thin, easy prep seams – No itchy dust or heavy grinding required!
  • No flashing – Thinner seams than on regular fiberglass replicas!
  • Easy to clean – No scouring, scrubbing, or steel wool scuffing!
  • Easy to prime – Prime ONLY your finishing work not necessary to prime the whole fish!
  • Easy to paint – Like all Star*Fish Replicas, these fish readily accept all types of paint!

    Any Fish can be made paint ready or customer ready.

    Coastal Classic Fish Replicas with open mouth and/or gills can be foam filled on request. Specify when ordering. Contact us for pricing.

    Remember to contact us if you don’t find what you’re looking for!