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THE Name in Fish Replicas

STAR*FISH REPLICAS- "THE Name in Fish Replicas"

For over twenty years, Starfish Replicas has produced tens of thousands of fish replicas for taxidermists that are now proudly displayed in homes, cabins, beach houses, businesses and museums around the world. With attention to detail, we craft our molds to produce the most lifelike and natural replica fish possible. Whether you’re an amateur taxidermist or a seasoned professional, remember what Frank says “Your clients won’t believe their trophy isn’t real!”

Unlike a growing number of our competitors we only use major components and materials that are made in the U.S.A. In fact, many of these key items such as molds for replicas are made right here in our shop. This insures that the quality of our work remains at the level our customers have come to expect. Every piece we do is handcrafted to order by artisans right here in house.


Joy Roman (1938-2008) began her taxidermy career in Northern Wisconsin in 1973, at a time few women were in this field. Her eye for realism and attention to detail, along with her love of nature, soon became the hallmark of her craft. Her clients loved her for her friendliness and her ability to recreate what they imagined. These traits have been passed on in the quality of workmanship and customer service we continue to offer today.

In 1989 after a brief hiatus and a trip to the Texas coast Joy and her husband Frank moved the business to San Antonio, Texas. Later, they were joined by their sons Jeff, John, and Joe. Before long we became nationally known for our fish taxidermy and replicas, so we specialized exclusively in fish and left the deer and the antelope to our many friends in the business. Over the years, our Family has done thousands and thousands of fish mounts of all species and sizes.

Today, combining old school craftsmanship with the latest techniques and materials, our customers’ fish are proudly displayed in homes, cabins, restaurants, stores, and museums all across the country.


Frank Roman is a lifelong sportsman and former charter fishing captain on Lake Superior. As an auto body man for years, he acquired the skills of shaping and molding, tinting and mixing colors, and airbrush techniques, which he applied to the fish taxidermy trade.

Jeff Roman has a background in drafting and graphic design. Learning the artistic aspects of taxidermy from his parents, he has added to that knowledge and developed new techniques that helped revolutionize modern fish taxidermy. In fact, Jeff is a seminar instructor at state and national levels, teaching other taxidermists his procedures.

Joe Roman
grew up in the taxidermy business, and has been involved in all aspects that it entails. As the General Manager, he is in charge of day to day operations and oversees all production. Joe is also a U.S. Army veteran.

John Roman is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force AND the U.S. Army. John has mounted thousands of fish, but his specialty is habitat and natural scenes. He has worked on large dioramas and museum projects around the country.