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Welcome to Starfish Replica’s tutorial page. Here you will find step by step how-to videos that we hope will help you create a more realistic and profitable fish replica with more ease than you probably thought possible. We have used these time and cost saving methods in our own shop on many fish over the years with great success.

For higher picture quality watch in 720p HD! Click the settings icon on the bottom right of the video, and under quality select 720p.

Watch the Entire Tutorial Series below, or scroll down to watch the individual tutorials

This video includes Tutorials 1-7.

Starfish Replicas Part 1: Getting Started

This video covers receiving your Starfish Replica and the tools and materials you will need.

Starfish Replicas Part 2: Getting The Replica Ready to Paint

This video covers fin work, seam work, and priming.

Starfish Replicas Part 3: Adding Scales

This video covers different methods on designing realistic looking scale patterns.

Starfish Replicas Part 4: Installing Eyes

This video covers how to install both glass and flex eyes.

Starfish Replicas Part 5: Making Teeth

This video covers how we make tooth material and realistic looking replica teeth.

Starfish Replicas Part 6: Making Whiskers

This video covers how we make realistic looking catfish whiskers.

Starfish Replicas Part 7: Antiquing

This video covers the technique known as antiquing or back spraying, which is applying
a black or brown color to the replica in order to highlight the scale detail.